Quality Group, a privately owned company with operations spread across the Middle East region and international countries was incorporated in 1988.

The Group operates leading quality-focused businesses in electronics, computers, accessories and software sales and services. The group also has its exposure in luxury and contemporary retail, perfumes and cosmetics distribution. In addition the group also has investments in commercial real estate and footwear manufacturing.

The Group portfolio includes renowned brands such as TOUCHMATE, Farada, Dr Mauch, Comfort Plus and several others.

The Group's value system is committed to excellence in delivering quality service by empowering employees, celebrating diversity and encouraging thought leadership, within an ethics-driven corporate culture.


TOUCHMATE is a part of Quality Group of Companies, origins date back to 1988, is the manufacturer of TOUCHMATE  Tablets, Mobiles, Computers, Accessories, Peripherals, House hold appliances, and Software, which are best for corporate, distributions, dealer channels, supermarkets and retail chains.

About TOUCHMATE I.T Solutions & Services

TOUCHMATE had established I.T Solutions & Services Division in the year 2000. In an established IT group, which had created renowned brand 'TOUCHMATE', TOUCHMATE I.T Solutions & Services has accumulated all the experiences and has built a strong foundation for its future growth and vision. Backed by experienced and professional promoters, TOUCHMATE I.T Solutions & Services has been able to chart for itself a road map for sustained progress and professional achievement, keeping in perspective the continuously changing technology landscape, customer needs, and their aspirations