Income & Expense Management
  • Income & Expense can be manage by using Account Master which shows the chart of accounts (i.e. Income, Expense, Asset, Liability, Credit card) under that Category's with accounts (i.e. Salary, Grocery expense...). Make the income/expense transaction by using related accounts.
Budgeting & Monitoring
  • Budgets are created as against 'Expense' and 'Income'. After setting budget on particular account if you are spending more than budget amount then you can see 'Budget Vs. Actual' how much is the budget amount, amount you spend and what is the difference.
Transaction Management
  • Transaction allows to create income, expense, cheque & other transactions. Cheque transaction shows cheque status (Open shows that cheque is issued/received but its not reconciled with bank or cheque amount is not Ancash to your account/Closed shows that your cheque is reconciled/cancelled) and also with Cheque type (payable shows that cheque is given/Receivable shows that cheque is received).
Contact Management
  • User can maintain the contact details, important dates or family/ friends and business contacts. Contacts details can be view/edit/delete by the user.
Alert for Overspend & Cheque Due Date
  • Alerts related to credit card's when is the due date/expiry date, general alerts set on any account amount limit exceeds or falls below and also cheque alerts when is the issue date of cheque.
Data Backup & Restore
  • Backup database to avoid data loss due to machine crash/ maintenance, application un-installation or upgrades, deletions due to user negligence etc. 'Restore Data' to restore backed up data. Restoring data will overwrite information in database.

Key Facilities

  • Manage the spends and earnings professionally.
  • Helps in controlling the expenses.
  • Define your budget on expenses.
  • Create accounts category wise.
  • Alerts on over spent against the budget .
  • Credit card expiry and payment due alerts.
  • Set alerts on accounts.
  • Easy to manage general transactions as well as cheque transactions.
  • Easy to search and group the transactions.
  • Manage the address book
  • Various reports helps you to check your income and expenses
  • Income Vs expense report.



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TOUCHMATE Expense Control Software is aimed at building easy to use home accounting cum budgeting software, which will help the end user without any financial or accounting background to budget and track their income/expenses in order to put them on the path to financial health and stability.

Expense Control Software helps to organize one's finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes and comes. Expense Control Software enables users to balance their expenses, organize, manage and generate reports to track their personal and family's finances.

The software alerts you the amount you spend that exceeds the pre-defined budget amount, credit card expiry and payment due, cheque payment due alerts. These alerts will help you to manage and control the daily expense of any individual.