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Emphasizes efficiency and productivity through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks. Ability to manage all data in a well-encrypted digital format and in a centralized system with the ability to extend mobile connectivity to remote locations.

HR Management Solution (HR Pro)

Transform your HR operations and empower your workflow

Office Document Control (ODC Plus)

Effortlessly manage company and employee documents

Team 365 (Cloud Solution)

Mark your attendance and visits anywhere anytime irrespective of your device and location

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Best solutions

Explore with TOUCHMATE’s products

Transforming complexity into simplicity with TOUCHMATE’s software solutions.

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Best solutions

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  • Ultimate tool to streamline your HR process from candidature to employment. A centralized system to keep company & employee information in well-encrypted digital format.
  • A simple & systematic tool to store employee and company information. And prevents confidential data from unauthorized access.
  • It’s easy to mark your attendance and visits from anywhere anytime.